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Our   books   are   of   interest   to   modelers   and   rail   enthusiasts   alike,   photographs included   are   in   most   cases   of   all   paint   schemes   applied,   accompanied   by   original drawings   created   by   our   authors.   Since   Rail   Canada   vol.   5   was   introduced   in   1983, all drawings have been computer generated. Rail   Canada   vol.1-5   as   the   name   implies,   concentrated   on   Canadian   diesel   motive power.   Rail   America   vol.1   was   intended   to   be   the   first   of   a   new   series   that   will cover     North     American     diesels     in     the     same     manner,     while     not     being     as geographically constrained. The   site   is   arranged   in   areas   to   help   you   quickly   get   where   your   interest   lies. Whether   it   is   finding   out   about   a   book,   CD-ROM,   who   are   the   authors,   or;   where   to find a dealer or distributor. The   mini   series   introduced   in   November   2001   are   a   smaller   more   concentrated group   of   material   that   lead   to   a   detailed   hard   cover   book   prior   to   the   PGE   100   year anniversary in 2012. In April 2015 a wire bound copy print of Rail Canada vol. 2 was reprinted with new color photo scans as well as several B&W photos,  While the text and general layout was maintained, the size of the photos was increased as much as the page space permitted November 2017 LPD released a limited run of two hardbound color drawing books, Rail America and Rail Canada v.5 with a redrawn color version of Rail Canada v.1 to be released in 2018 at the April 14-15 Calgary Supertrain show
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Rail America v.1
Rail Canada v.1
Those Beautiful C Liners
C Liners on the CNR
Rail Canada mini 2.1
Rail Canada mini 2.2
PGE/BCR 100 Years
CNR 1928-60 Diesel Data
CNR 1973 Diesel Data
CNR 1965/67 Diesel Data
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Steam in Canada v.1
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