CN Diesel Data book for the period 1928-1960
This   308   page,   8½"   x   11"   Hard   Cover   or   wire   bound   2   section   book   has   280+   diagrams   like those   shown   below,   plus clearance   drawings   for   standard   and   narrow   gauge   locomotives and   equipment   as   well   as   an   index   by   class   and   unit   number. A   large   number   of   pages have   B&W   photos,   which   are   also   listed   on   the   index   pages.      Due   to   the   large   page   count the   Coil   Bound   edition   is   shrink   wrapped   as   a   two   volume   set   while   the   Hard   cover   book is a single volume. The   data   diagrams   are   CADD   drawn   creations   of   what   the   original   railway   sheets   may have   looked   like   based   on   a   few   sheets   we   located.   The   data   portion   was   developed based on LPD file data for that locomotive type. One   feature   not   found   on   the   CN   developed   files   used   in   LPD’s   DD-73   and   65/67   books, came   from   the   steam   locomotive   diagrams   we   have.   A   portion   of   the   title   section   was reserved to show previous number and class changes. Find   out   when   trucks   were   changed   from   four   to   six   axle   or   vice   versa   and   back   again. This   is   an   excellent   reference   when   trying   to   date   photos   where   modifications   have   been recorded on these data sheets. In   addition   to   photos   from   the   LPD   and   Don   Lewis'   collections,   many   additional   photos   are from the Don McQueen collection and George Carpenter collections .
Each     sub-class     has     it's     own     diagram,     detailing     overall     dimensions, horsepower   information,   railway   assignments   (ie.   CN   or   GTW   etc.),   truck types,   number   of   fans,   dynamic   brakes,   steam   or   electric   generators,   roof top   air   tanks   on   GEEP   passenger   units,   max.   speed,   min.   operating   curve, and on and on.