This   section   covers   the   new   2018   edition   of   color   books   produced   by   LPD Publishing Ltd. Rail   Canada   vol.   5   was   relatively   easy   to   produce   in   color   as   the   basic format was retained including the color photo section. Rail America   volume   1   had   the   color   photo   section   moved   to   the   back   and the   late   arrivals   section   increased   in   size,   this   resulted   in   only   5   or   6 pages being added. For   Rail   Canada   vol.   1   considerable   work   was   required,   as   the   original drawings   were   hand   made   and   required   a   complete   redraw   of   the   original material   and   the   two   drawings   per   page   made   space   for   many   additional photos.   This    resulted    in    28    additional    pages    without    a    separate    color section. The   only   other   candidate   for   coloriziing   would   be   the   PGE/BCR   100   Years book   where   most   of   the   original   drawings   are   available,   we   will   see   if there is any interest in that project. Donald C, Lewis 2018
Color Book Section