Forty-two   computer   generated   paint   diagrams   detail the   the   various   colour   schemes   in   use         between   1948 and    1981    on    the    Pacific    Great    Eastern    railway    and early British Columbia Railway Dogwood scheme. To   compliment   these   drawings   there   are   seventy-two photographs   of   the   relevant   paint   schemes   located   on facing    pages    to    the    drawings,    almost    no    jumping around   to   compare   the   drawing   and   photographs   of each locomotive. The   only   time   a   photo   is   on   a   non-facing   page   is   when we   have   included   more   pictures   than   that   facing   page could   accommodate. An   index   to   builders   models/paint schemes/drawings   and   photos   is   included   on   page   51, the Inside Back Cover. Author: Donald C. Lewis
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Rail Canada mini 2.1 SUMMARY