NEW FOR 2018 Color drawing and photo versions of 3 popular Rail Canada paint diagram books
During   the   late   months   of   2017,   LPD   Publishing   began working   on   colorizing   the   drawings   they   had   of   Rail Canada   vol.   5   and   Rail   America,   the   results   were   so satisfactory   on   draft   printouts,   that   the   search   was   on for the original drawings of Rail Canada vol. 1 and 3. While    a    large    group    of    files    were    located    of    CNR motive    power,    the    search    for    the    original    drawings used in volume 3 has not been successful. The    first    book    updated    was    Rail    Canada    vol.    5 followed   by   Rail   America   vol.   1.      In   October   2017 work   on   making   a   new   Rail   Canada   v   1   with   new   color drawings   two   to   a   page   and   color   photos   on   the   facing page   began.      The   result   will   be   larger   book,   in   the neighbourhood of 168 pages. All   three   books   will   be   printed   on   high   quality   80# Sappi Flo Dull Digital paper with Hard covers.
Rail Canada v 1 Color

Rail Canada v 1 Color Available April 14, 2018