How to Order Books
LPD color books are available to Hobby Shops and Book Stores. All LPD books both B&W and Color are available for direct order. To order a book(s) send an email to orders@lpdpublishing listing the title(s) and type of binding you wish, name and full address must be included. LPD normally ships via Canada Post unless an other service is desired. Upon receipt of an order email, LPD will create a PayPal invoice and send it to your chosen email address.  The invoice will permit you to select a method of payment, and process the selected transaction, then send a notice to LPD Publishing to ship the books by your chosen carrier.  This is normally done within 24 hours of receipt of the notice, unless a weekend falls at that time.  The shipment would then take place on the Monday.
LPD Publishing Ltd. Unit 12, 3339 Clement Rd. Lake Country, BC, Canada V4V 2M5 phone: 250-766-0699,  e-mail: ordering: