Animation Effects
Two   Mini   books   were   created   by   LPD   in   1981   and   2004, titled   Rail   Canada   Mini   2.1   and   2.2   that   started   with   the material    from    the    out    of    print    Rail    Canada    vol.    2    and culminated   with   the   production   of   the   PGE-BCR   100   Years hard    cover    book    in    2012    for    the    BCR    Historical    Society convention   in   the   roundhouse   at   Squamish   beside   the   2-10-4 Royal Hudson. Material   from   Rail   Canada   vol   2   and   the   two   mini   books   was combined with the RDC data for that hard cover book During   the   years   LPD   worked   on   these   PGE-BCR   books   much of    the    material    came    with    the    considerable    assistance provided by Singh Biln and his engineering staff at BC Rail.