Rail America vol 1 ERRATA
On   page   38,in   the   photo   caption   for   the   NW2   7902,   reference   was   made   to 7905   on   the   CV   with   a   CV   box   herald,   when   the   photo   was   located   it turned   out   to   be   a   CN   herald.   As   the   photo   was   undated   it   is   hard   to   say exactly when this unit ran with the CN herald.  In   the   Roster   section   the   description   of   what   the   heading   CAB   /   BODY meant was omitted.
It   occurs   after   a   book   is   published   that   a   piece   of information   is   found   to   be   wrong   or   misused,   a   bit   of clarification   is   required,   or   a   photo   turns   up   late. All three things are covered here.
CONV             Conventional cab and carbody CC/DT   Comfort Cab / Draper Taper CC/conv         Comfort Cab / Conventional Carbody SW/GP            Rebuilt SW1200 cab and chassis with a GEEP body Booster     Factory and RR Shop built cabless slug units
The   last   GP40-2   units   delivered   to   the   DT&I   came   in   Orange   paint   with   the Star   logo,   but   as   we   could   not   verify   this   at   publication   time,   a   drawing was   not   prepared.   A   photo   of   6424   in   this   scheme   was   provided   by   LPD's USA dealer DLH Locomotive Works