Steam in Canada vol.1    Reprint 2010
A   160   page   photo   roster   of   the   Canadian   Pacific   Railway steam   locomotive   fleet   originally         printed   in   1984   and   was based    on    a    500    negative    collection    Don    Lewis    had purchased   from   Mike's   Kaboose   in   Burnaby   BC   along   with photos   from   the   late   Jim   Hope’s   collection   and   some   from the   Vancouver   Public   Library   and   the   National   Archives   of Canada. Several   additional   sub   class   photos   for   use   in   this   reprint were   contributed   by   Gary   Oliver   of   GTC   Collectables   and Paul Levin to complete this revised edition In   the   intervening   years   Don   and   LPD   purchased   additional negatives   and   slides   of   CPR   steam   power   and   now   are producing a much improved second edition.  This   update   has   been   made   possible   through   the   use   of new    book    creation    software    from   Adobe    and    new    high quality    scanning    hardware    from    Epson    and    professional scanning software from
Mikado 0-6-6-0 4-6-2 intro Selkirk's at Field
Author: Donald C. Lewis with section and caption assistance by:                Robert A Rusch and photograph locations by:                James L. Little