Those Beautiful C Liners
Published in 1996 A   44   page   photo   album   of   the   CPRs   Fairbanks-Morse Consolidation   line   covered   wagons   known   as   ā€˜Cā€™   Liners that operated in southeastern British Columbia. CPR   housed   their   fleet   of   Fairbanks-Morse   locomotives built    by    licensee    CLC    at    their    Kettle    Valley    Railway terminal   in   Nelson   BC.   This   was   also   the   home   of   the late railway photographer Jim Hope. Jim   and   his   wife   traveled   the   Kettle   Valley   country   for years,   often   with   wife   Alice   driving   and   Jim   in   the   back taking pictures.
In   addition   to   the   thirty   five photos,     LPD     included     two paint    diagram    drawings    and an all time C Liner roster.