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Rail Canada vol. 3
Rail Canada vol. 3 (Second Printing May 1998)
A 160 page photo and graphic illustration book on pre 1979 Diesel Locomotives operated by the Canadian Pacific Railway and by CP Rail to the end of the MultiMark use.    
One or two locomotives are graphically presented on a page with photos of the paint scheme generally shown on the facing page, and in some cases on the following page. This approach results in a continuity of drawings and photographs that make this book easy to use by the modeller and rail buff. Only the colour photos are separated from their related drawings.
This reprint takes advantage of modern technology in computing and has had the entire photo section redone without the bordered pages, this allowed for a larger photo area and better use of space. Additional photos have been added to take advantage of this space.    
While additional photos by Robert B. Hadlow. Blair Middleton , J. Paul Jenter and others were added that show the Multimark use well into the 1990's, the basic content is the same and the graphics are unchanged.
Author: Donald C. Lewis