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Rail Canada vol. 4
A   136   page   photo   and   graphic   illustration   book   on   VIA   Rail   Canada's locomotive   and   passenger   car   fleet   to   1983.   Drawings   have   been   re- arranged   horizontally   with   photos   below   in   many   cases.   The   drawings show   the   passenger   cars   as   they   were   in   the   early   days   of   VIA   as   well   as many   of   the   rebuilds   and   new   cars   up   to   the   1982/83   period.      This   new format   permitted   including   additional   photos   that   were   not   seen   in   the original edition References   on   the   drawings   give   the   VIA   data   as   well   as   CN   and   CP original   data   and   in   several   cases   the   original   US   owner   of   many   cars, especially so for the CN smooth side and SS cars. For   the   2005   Reprint   the   original   use   of   landscape   arragement   fpr   the car   drawings   was   discarded   and   material   modified   to   permit   fitting   on   a portait   format   page   that   allowed   for   the   insertion   of   relative   car   photos on the drawing pages as well as the facing pages as well
Published 1983 (reprint 2005)
Author: Donald C. Lewis