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Rail Canada vol. 5
A 144 page photo and graphic illustration book on RDC cars and diesel locomotives. Paint   diagrams   and   data   sheets   with   floor   plans   for   the   RDC   cars   of PGE/BCR,   CP,   CN   and   VIA   Rail.   Diesel   locomotive   paint   diagrams   for   Essex Terminal,    the    Roberval    Saguenay    and    both    the    last    two    tone    green schemes   plus   the   red,   white   and   blue   paint   schemes   of   BC   Rail   for   the period 1981 - 1991. The big electrics are also included. This   book   contains   all   the   RDC   data   that   was   available   to   the   author in   the   late   1980's   as   well   as   updated   material   for   BC   Rail's   diesel   and Electric locomotive fleet at that time. The   data   drawings   for   the   RDC   cars   include   floor   plans   and   elevations. The   painting   diagrams   come   with   front,   rear,   and   side   elevations   and include photos both on the diagram page and the adjacent page. Diesel   locomotive   pages   have   the   familiar   two-up   CAD   drawing   format and   photos   on   the   matching   pages   that   all   the   LPD   painting   books   now have.
Author: Donald C. Lewis
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